Insurance Providers

As an insurance provider, you know making an informed cost/risk assessment is necessary in issuing adequate insurance (both for your company and your client). For many clients, intellectual property is at the forefront of the assets they need to protect. But how to become informed on intangibles such as intellectual property? Altus IP can assist you in understanding the basics surrounding intellectual property protection and what your client should be doing to protect its insured intellectual property. We offer management consultations to learn your specific questions, answer those questions and delve into what you need to know about insuring protected intellectual property.

Additionally, you may utilize our trade secret auditing service when issuing policies insuring trade secrets and proprietary information. Our trade secret audits analyze a business's assets, policies and procedures, identify potential trade secrets, analyze the adequacy of current protection, provide recommendations for adequate protection and provide an action plan for implementing our recommendations. A trade secret audit ensures the assets you are insuring as trade secrets are legally protected.

Beyond trade secrets, we also offer services to assist businesses in ensuring adequate protection of their patents, copyrights and trademarks.